About me

Hi, I'm a frontend developer from Reykjavík, Iceland with roughly 8 years of actual development experience & a huge passion for open source software.

I call myself a frontend developer but I focus mostly on the design aspect of frontend work and therefore most of my work centres around design. However I am experienced in full-stack developemnt and sometimes work on the backend in addition to my frontend work, the startup Bókar is my latest example of work of this nature.

I use the following technologies in my work and consider myself "fluent" in them:

Additionally I use the following technologies actively in my work but my confidence with them is not as high:

  • MySQL / MariaDB / SQLite
  • MongoDB

Dabbling in BGP & Global Routing

In recent times I've started to experiment with a technology called BGP, which is the underlying technology for much of global internet routing. This experimentation involves the following:

  • Finding an "IP transit" (effectively an internet connection) partner
  • Get an ASN registered
  • Set up the connection with the network provider, with a "BGP session"

My network is operated under the ASN AS51019 which I use for IPv6 internet access at home via a tunnel from Frankfurt. In Frankfurt I also operate some secondary infrastructure.

The latest development of AS51019 are the Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in Frankfurt which I have connected to, they are:

  • NL-ix
  • LocIX
  • FogIXP

In addition to the above I have joined a few others around the world but this led to me becoming, by technicality, #1 peered BGP network in Iceland according to bgp.tools.

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